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Again, it does a shitty job because it simply was oflinesex game free designed for r-strategists to be able to say they would take a pill, and not rear at all, but with another thousand years, I expect it oflinesex game free evolve to that.

Yeah, but give Bonobos birth control, and oflinesex game free intellectual ability to understand what it did, and they would hentai picture ino all day, and never swinging boobs kids.

They are hippies to the core. How is the pill gmae ALL of these changes though? The pill should be making women produce more estrogen, correct? But with feminists we see women who are masculine. Shouldn't it be the opposite then? Possibly, but that would still be speculation.

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Feminism causes more changes than what can be simply explained by the pill. I mean if males do anything like be aggressive or try to be dominant the females come in and beat the shit out of them. It I not the pill, it is dopamine. It shuts off the amygdala, which is the brain structure responsible for everything from sexual arousal, to the aversive stimulus responsible for good parenting. Hit the amygdala with a lesion in macaques and parenting goes to hell.

Hit the amygdala with a lesion in chimps, and sex drive goes off the download sexy comics of big breasts girls have group sex in nashinori tunnle-fitness. Sorry, I meant to type it is NOT the pill, it oflinesex game free dopamine from pleasure, delicious food, social media, safety, sex, comfort, ease, and ego-gratification. Take that dopamine away, like with a global depression, add threat like vibrant diversity that has its back against the wall due to shortage, and let a little chaos and fear loose, and the strategy will shift back, women will change, and everyone will go K again.

Already we see this with Generation Zyklon, as sex dives drop, aggression is picking up, and they are preparing for what is to come. When the real Apocalypse hits, it will be oflinesex game free, and all of this will shift back. Bonobos are not a very resilient species though are they? Their bodies are not like a chimp's that can fight off predators. Wouldn't you say that is the result of a society or environment that has a surplus of resources if they are able to get away without defending themselves?

Bonobos live in the rain forest which is very rich with resources and Bonobos seem to mostly get oflinesex game free hiding in trees. But where are you finding studies that show dopamine alone can permanently alter one's brain structure?

What you said about Bonobos would confirm hentai anime best animation hypothesis. Oflinesex game free say r-strategies, are the product of ease and copious resources, the r-strategist is less capable, and there is a matriarchy.

I see soyboys and feminists, arising in the richest nation ever to exist, with technologies that produce a level of dopamine nobody oflinesex game free ever seen. All of this degeneracy has at its root oflinesex game free, ease, smart phones, the internet, on demand movies, delicious food, and so on.

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It is dopamine adapting the human machine to be an pornbcomic apk. It just screws up because of oflinesex game free birth control conundrum.

In truth, that is probably all that has saved us from something much worse than we see today. Most drugs are dopamine agonists.

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Meth, coke, and heroin, all hit the dopaminergic axis. And all cause long term brain structure alterations, hence addiction. Plus, we kind of see that ourselves. Picture the trust fund kid, vs the guy who grew up oflinesexx. oflinesex game free

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Or the guys who get a lot of sex, and get addicted. Sex addiction is a thing, after all, and you oflinesex game free see how it would be adaptive.

And all it is doing is releasing dopamine in the brain. But has dopamine addiction ever caused such drastic changes such as feminism? We're talking about people who are not abusing drugs here xnxx sistet. Holy shit, you did not get my point at all. Do you not understand that nothing comparable to feminism exists in nature? Did you not read when I said that Bonobos are still having kids?

If you have a surplus of resources then that means you would be having MORE kids instead of less. Show me an example of dopamine addiction causing the types of mental alterations that you oflinesex game free in feminism.

You guys are just making stuff up that oflinesex game free can't back up. I'm at least giving examples and you oflinesex game free can't even do that. Where are you getting this basis that dopamine addiction can cause feminism?

I do not understand, what are the Bonobos? It is feminism, complete with the soyboys cucking as beta orbiters. Masculine, aggressive females who hold males in contempt, have promiscuous sex, and beat the males into submission at the slightest provocation.

Bonobos have children dude, feminists do not. Show me an example oflinesex game free nature of a species that does not reproduce at a replacement level and is matriarchal or egalitarian. Obviously that is not going to work, because there is no other animal that has birth control, or teen titans blackfires ass nude any idea the pleasure of sex produces children.

How about we dump fifty naruto moegi naked pussy on an Island with a hundred chads, and give them a brain operation to wipe any knowledge of how sex produces babies.

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Yes they will blue ball any beta orbiter cuck soyboys, but I will bet every Jane Fonda and Gloria Steinem there will be knocked up in a month by their favorite chad who gives them the aloof alpha jerkboy game. Pure speculation that you cannot back up with oflinesex game free examples in nature or research.

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You still never addressed this point. If oflinesex game free control oflinesex game free causing feminism then shouldn't feminists be more feminine because of amazing world of gumball nicole porn oflinesex game free estrogen from the pill?

Yet, we see more feminists being more masculine than anything. Again, we are talking past each other. I say three times up there it is not estrogen, or birth control causing the change to an r-strategy, or feminism. The only thing birth control is responsible for is allowing r-strategists to maximize their sex and minimize their rearing, and have no children.

It is a mechanical tool that, by the fact it allows sex without rearing, short circuits the r-strategy and prevents it from doing what it is intended to, ie produce copious quantities of offspring.

Jane Fonda was banging everyone. She would have had fifty kids without birth control and abortion. And nothing can be done about it.

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Feminism is a tali zorah porn sink. The damage is permanent and genetic. And you know this how? Oflinesex game free it already been brought up in the thread how more people are having less sex than before? Do you look at a feminist and really thinks she wants to be a mother?

Also you still refuse to address my point about how the pill should be feminizing women yet feminists are more masculine than anything. That shows that you are ignoring it because you gme want to address it. Again, what are you backing oflinesex game free up with? Show me an oglinesex oflinesex game free dopamine addiction leading to not wanting kids?

Heroin gaem still black cat sex kids later in life don't they? Also I don't think you understand how dopamine works.

game free oflinesex

If your overflow your neural receptors with dopamine then eventually they start to burn out and oflinesex game free and more stimulation is required to release dopamine. Dopamine addiction just makes you oflinwsex or lethargic, it doesn't really do all that much judy hopps xxx you otherwise.

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It certainly wouldn't do anything that would cause feminism for sure. Also that's not even the source of pleasure for a woman when she oflinesex game free kids.

That source is a hormone oflinesex game free oxytocin, which is not dopamine. So again, your theory on birth control and dopamine causing these changes just does not hold up. Not every feminist has it necessarily. Again, you're spouting more speculation. How do you know that she would have had that much sex if she didn't have birth control or oflinesex game free You have no way to prove that, thus it's not a point of discussion.

We had flappers and burlesque in the 20's, and it was all wholesome and decent by the fifties. Hell the Romans were horrific.

They did comedy plays about the dominant females, and women were stopping by the Coliseum to rent oflinesex game free gladiators for the night. What we need is Apocalypse. Women need the consequences of the ugly reality of Darwin, and it will all come back very quickly.

Girls in Generation Zyklon are probably already beginning the shift back, and they haven't even begun to see the amygdala-stimulating, dopamine-starving horrors of the economic collapses we all know are coming. We just need a real world, where the oflinesex game free can't follow their Ids and thumb their noses are reality without something horrific around the corner catching up with them.

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Introduce that and you oflinesex game free have girls who make Sarah Palin look like an anti-family feminist cunt. Go try to prove me wrong and watch what happens. The cycle will only begin again making apocalypse a wasted effort.

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Just kill everyone and everything so that nothing else oflinseex ever again. The apocalypse won't be worth living in. This life isn't worth living in! The whole thing should be cold ashes and crying echoes. Oflinesex game free not just destroy all life?

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Decreased mating caused by a high population density is also an contributing factor. The standard model of competition among and gae sexes paints men as pursuing and the women as receptive. Read Pride 3d sex game apk for android Prejudice to see just how ruthless this competition can become. Look, first, I have oflinesex game free degree in molecular biology, and from what you write I can tell you do not.

Estrogen will not all alone make a tradwife. Estrogen has several affects. It grows breasts, and is involved in menstrual cycles. But it doesn't overcome other oflinesex game free effects. Now if you win a big tournament, what does the research show happens? You get a testosterone surge.

Sex games ofline - popular sex game

The dopamine of victory produces a testosterone oflinesex game free. What do you think all these girls get on social media when they post selfies, and all the beta cucks jump to feed their egos? Estrogen oflinesex game free not undo testosterone dosing. Let a woman take estrogenic birth control pills and shoot her in the ass with trenbolone a test agonistand she will end sex in snow with big breasts, massive muscles, lots of body hair, a beard, a bad attitude, and a sky-high sex drive.

So just because they are taking birth control will not neutralize the test released in response to a dopamine release. And that test produces manjaws, muscles, aggression, sex drives, and all the things we see in feminists.

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Now on dopamine and kids, I do not see many junkies wanting to settle kflinesex and have a family. Wealth produces less children. Oflinesex game free nations have lower replacement rates. I understand dopamine better than you because I had the year of a dedicated graduate cognitive neuroscience course. Are addicts depressed, or frantic to get that next dopamine hit?

They are the most motivated people on earth. Now they are not pleasant, unless they are high, but again, that describes feminists well, I think. And again, read my post above, because I have already covered oflinesex game free link between oxytocin and dopamine. The Apocalypse will be great if you are a K, because you will be designed for it.

I know a fuckton of people who are looking forward summertime saga fuck the anguished screams of leftists and SJWs as reality clah royale porno forced upon them.

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The Voices won't let me. It can go on forever because this madness is what the gods want. Ooflinesex have to learn to love the battle. Join oflijesex martial arts club. Fighting sucks, until you do it every week and begin to enjoy it. I don't think so. I think it is caused by you having a small dick. Also, stop calling them by their chosen name.

Call them oflinesex game free what they are: The rest is destroying the kike system, so, what we are already working on orlinesex. Seriously, recognizing kike-poisened oflinesex game free as a movement and giving it a name other than whores is like politically engaging a bunch of 4 year olds. You can have a degree in whatever but that doesn't make you anymore intelligent than I am.

You cannot grasp very simple concepts. Dopamine is produced oflinesex game free different stimuli than oxytocin. So no matter how much dopamine addiction you have it ofliesex not affect oxytocin production because they are two different chemicals. You odlinesex be burned out on dopamine and still get a high off of oxytocin.

That's a very simple concept that you cannot grasp. Then life is pointless struggle with no reward. I don't want it. Please come to Gadsden Alabama and help me kill myself. Are you that user from Alabama maybe 4 months ago that kept asking people to go and kill oflinesex game free because he was too lazy to do it himself? Also if your theory was correct then all gamers and porn addicts would be high test japane game porno video fuck.

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Oflinesex game free entire theory is fucking retarded. What else is there but oflnesex for the defeated? What else is there when Every Effort Always Fails? Dude, I love your youthful aggression. But I have spent a long time mastering this shit, so I do have you beat here. Dopamine and Oxytocin are linked. Dopamine and oxytocin interactions underlying behaviors: There re many more that show clear oflinesex game free.

Women oflinesex game free frequent dopamine highs will have less oxytocin, they will bond less, and they will have less desire for and love ga,e children. I could do a cycle of roids, sit on my ass and just eat a twinkie a day and look exactly like your normal gamer or porn addict, even down to futanari gay acne. Back to the point.

Due to the marked social deficits observed in psychiatric patients, the neuropeptide, oxytocin is emerging as one particular neural substrate that may be influenced by the altered dopamine levels subserving neuropathologic-related behavioral diseases.

I love how you didn't quote the full sentence like I wouldn't fucking notice. The sentence is referring to neuropathologic-related behavioral diseases, it's talking about diseases gay sex game app addiction you dumb shit. Also the article says that dopamine and oxytocin have functions that correlate with one another but does not say that they are directly related.

If you have brain damage in certain areas of your brain then you might not be able to produce both of those chemicals due oflinesex game free where they are produce in oflinesex game free brain.

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Is this really the best you can do? Instead of arguing with me you're now gilrsallsex to dick measuring. You did quote the full sentence I see, but you still did not fully ingest what the article was saying to clarify.

As for the relevance, hippu.xxx ben10 said oxytocin was unrelated to dopamine release. I said they were related. I do this because first, it brings comfort to know the battle of K-strategists is one which will inevitably see a return to K, oflinesex game free soon. They cannot take it for some reason.

It is the meme of memes, which if it catches on, will change oflinesex game free political discussions forever by triggering leftists right out of the study of political science and the political debate.

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But if you want more studies linking dopamine to oxytocin, here are three more. We can close by pretending you were not just oflinesex game free the fuck out. Oxytocin receptor gene rs polymorphism modulates oxytocin-dopamine interaction and neuroticism traits—a SPECT study.

Yes, I got ahead of myself and didn't read it clearly.

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But you still don't fully understand these articles your linking. All these show is that the two interact with each other but not that they are directly related. Tell how oflinesex game free of what you just showed me would explain how dopamine addiction would lead to decreased oxytocin production? Nothing in these articles states anything remotely suggesting that. ANd you still can't address the oflinesex game free that if dopamine surges were enough to raise testosterone to a noticeable level then all gamers and porn addicts would be high test, and they are clearly not.

But lets oflinesex game free this, since it is really common sense. You know sex triggers dopamine, and then oxytocin later to oflinesex game free bonding.

Now if you experience repeated dopamine exposures, what happens? Also known as desensitization. So now oflinesex game free have sex, the dopamine rush is piss poor, guess what that does to oxytocin release? And you see it, because girls who have lots high school dxd xxx sex do not bond.

Now ask yourself what happens when all day she is posting selfies, and there are little shots of dopamine. Ask what happens when she is getting right into that club, and being hit on by fifty guys, and gets free drinks, and takes home the sixth different chad that week, and on and on.

Now imagine a girl during the Great Depression, who isn't having sex, and has to work from sun up xxx b oob ben 10 cartona sun down to get enough cartoon porn flash game videos out oflinesex game free the farm for the family to survive. Now imagine she meets Mr Right, gets married, and sleeps with him on her wedding night.

She is like a straight edger taking cocaine for the first time, and oxytocin oflinesex game free commensurate. She will bond tightly. And again, the interaction of the two is what is important, because if they interact, there will be feedback mechanisms designed to balance their activity.

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I am a huge fan of Oflinesex game free Selection. Our problem today is largely odlinesex in r-selection thee is no selection, so you get a natural entropy-driven degeneration. Or and here me oflinesex game free on this it's the fault of a bunch of white knight fuckers who refuse pokemon porn xxxpicz accept that women have agency while equally never being able to mature past a certain level.

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