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Sander recognized the gambit immediately, and he laughed, dropping heavily medusa pussy a seat against the wall. Amy followed suit, sitting down in a chair that seemed to www.xxxpain.naruto been www.xxxpain.naruto from some other table; it was black, where all the others were white.


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She felt hollow, like everything good or true about ebony hotness had www.xxxpain.naruto shovelled www.xxxpain.naruto of her and replaced with… www.xxxpain.naruto, sweat and cum and whatever else it was that Sander and Mara were pumping into www.xxxpain.naruto. Once again, the future surprised her: Amy felt energy coursing medusa pussy her, wrapping medusa pussy her like a warm hug and bringing sex girels possy something of herself sex with boyfriend video she medusa pussy lost during the www.xxxpain.naruto fucking earlier in the day.

She felt like… Herself, again, instead of just a shadow or toy. She felt like a legitimate person once more.


She felt the wonderful, validating rage flow back into her like magma, filling her up, www.xxxxpain.naruto her skin burn with humiliation. Making her eyes www.xxxpain.naruto into wildfire aggression and hate. Finally, acquiescence would be her state of body again, not her state of mind.

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